For the Diva Dog...

  1. OK, I'm all against counterfeits but I wonder if this qualifies, LOL. Too cute!

  2. Awww.... Do they work for cats too??? 'Cause my cat wants one even though he's a dude! LOL.

    OK maybe not. Haha
  3. [​IMG] (Dogior)

    [​IMG] (Chewy Vuitton)

    [​IMG] (Drooly & Bark)



    [​IMG] (Sniffany & Co)

  4. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] (Dolce & Grrrbana)

    [​IMG] (Puggs)
  5. OMG those are just TDF!!! :roflmfao:

    Thanks for posting... I just want them ALL!! Too cute!
  6. I have a "sniffany" bed for my doggies. I might have to get them some champagne and "chewnel". LOL
  7. These are so cute. There is a site,, that sells some of these.
  8. OMG! Those are sooooo cute!
    Where can I get these?!?!
  9. Love them!
  10. My dog has the Sniffany & Co. toy. It isn't one of her favorites, but I get a kick out of it.
  11. My Chis had the Sniffany & Co and the Chewy Vuitton until Bentley chewed them up.

    Who knew a 8 pound dog could cause do much damage?! LOL
  12. where did you find the sniffany's bed?! my little chi would love one! well, okay, her mommy would love one for her.. :p
  13. I have a couple of these for my dogs, they love them.
  14. Omg, how cute! My dog is serouisly gonna get one of them :biggrin:

    Does they make sound?
    (My dog's afraid of that, how silly :p )