For the Die-Hard Shoe Addict...My Organization!

  1. So...I wish I had the time to take pics of what is in all of the boxes...but I just wanted to show the only people who might care, my newly organized shoes!!!
    shoes 001.jpg shoes 002.jpg shoes 003.jpg shoes 004.jpg
  2. Wow, that is so amazing! I don't know if I could ever get myself this disciplined to organize my shoes like this.
  3. ^^^All of the mismatched shoe boxes were driving me crazy!!!! I hit the Dollar the boxes, and a few hours was done! Next is handbags...they are in desperate need of some serious help, as well!!!
  4. They look awesome! Congrats on a job well done. I keep all of mine in the original boxes, but I need to eventually take photos of what's inside and at least put them on the box itself. LOL Some day...
  5. Wow! Those boxes are a great idea. I have a shelf like that also in my d/r. I am going to do that with sandals after Christmas, thanks for showing!
  6. wow, that's so organized! My shoes are lucky if they are in a box and not just tossed on the floor.
  7. WOW!!! Great Job!!! I need to do this, its very Kimora Lee Simmons:tup:
  8. Great organization, well done! :yes: I love the idea with clear boxes where you can see what you have! Looking forward to see how you are going to organize handbags...
  9. :cry:What a bee u di full sight....a shoegal's dream.:smile:
  10. what brand are the red shoes on the right, 3 shelf up? Those are hot!!
  11. I was about to say, especially the gold one that's hanging on upside-down for its life :lol:

    The shoe organisation is great though! And I love those emerald green ones in the last pic :heart:
  12. Great job:tup: you just motivated me!
  13. i want to have a closet like yours..:drool:
  14. OMG I love how you are storing your shoes and how organized you are. I purchased a bunch of shoe boxes and started to get organized, but then got lazy.
  15. Fantastic :biggrin:

    Love to see shoes so beautifully stored and cared for. I want to see inside all the boxes now :biggrin: