for the daphne experts/outlet frequenters..

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  1. how much do one of these go for at the outlets these days..if theres anything left?
  2. I saw a purple suede one for about 300 something.
  3. I think the lowest I've seen one for is $280 and it was one of the suede ones too. I once saw a green suede hobo for like $42 though.. what a STEAL!!
  4. I've seen one about 2 months ago for $198.00 - 20% off, that was for an all black leather one (I think it was priced wrong, but they still have to grant it for that price). Over the weekend I saw 2 canvas ones (mustard & white trim) both for $498.00 - 20%.
  5. black leather one was WAY more than $198 minus 20%! Haven't been for a month so I haven't seen any lately.
  6. i got my black leather daphne for $371 from Saks...and i was ECSTATIC at that price...can't imagine it much cheaper than that!!!
  7. I just got back from holidays and the outlet at Barstow had one black daphne for four hundred something and a extra 20% off. The Macy's in Fashion Mall, Las Vegas also had two black daphnes on sale as well. It's a beautiful bag, I was very tempted to buy one but DH would kill me (since I already bought two bags).
  8. Just a heads up. I saw a black leather one for 300 something (50% off retail) at macys in SF.

    10 - 15% off if you open a macys card!
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