For the curious minds - Pricing on 2006 F/W line

  1. and the last one



    Anything interests you?
  2. I ordered the first one today in Chocolate Brown, that is the price I paid. Thanks comes in very helpful. What is it with me and Chanel handbags I can't have enough.
  3. OH GOD. That python one is soooo gorgeous. The price is not too bad for exotic leather, too...I wonder how small it is. There are shoes in matching python leather, too (see attachment). I wish I had that much money right now. I'd get it in a heartbeat.
  4. Congrats! that is a beautiful bag. I understand what you are saying. I am totally in love with Chanel as well...I wish I could have them all.
  5. yeah, it is gorgeous, but it's probably a mini size.:girlsigh:
  6. That one is beautiful. Do you know the dimensions?
  7. my SA said it was medium, she couldn't give me the dimensions. She also put me on the list for the Travel set. In the ivory color because they aren't getting any black.
  8. Is the last one for $1850 the Luxe Duffel? I thought that bag was over $2K, more than the Luxe Bowler? What colors does the Duffel come in?
  9. Thanks for posting the pics and prices. I love the white clutch, I saw it when I was in Chicago this past week. It looks even better in person and I love it in black too. I'm just trying to figure out which color. I love the white but I'm so scared about it getting dirty. Always decisions, but at least its Chanel!!
  10. The python flap is UNFREAKINBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: :love:
    I couldn't put it down, I wish I was slightly exaggerating, but I'm not, I carried it the whole time I was art the trunk show:shame: It's smallish, but not teeny and it's SO uch more impressive IRL than photos, the python feels very durable and the massive tassel is swanky!

    I saw it in a bronze color and it was FAB, it was $2260 or $2600. . . I get the 2 and 6 mixed up! It's GORGEOUS IRL.:yes:
  11. All so pretty, but figures my favorite is the one that costs 13,500
  12. Help--I saw the first one in Chanel boutique-- (but in classic style - the flap size 2.55)-- i am wondering is it the new season fall 2006. The sales person said it is-- however i don't see the picture here. I am thinking of getting that one-- it's so gorgeous especially the chain. However, i am afraid it will be OUT soon cos it's not classic style-- what do you think?? your comments are appreciated!! :smile:
  13. You go girl!!! :yahoo:
  14. To me, I consider all chanel bags classic, if you lose dream over it, then go get it. :nuts: