For the Collector in all of Us

  1. I consider myself a collector of Toki as much as a Toki lover. I've noticed in other threads and in signatures, etc., that some of you collect other things.
    What do you collect besides Toki? Cheap or expensive? Does it "go with" your Toki craze?:nuts:

    Besides my Toki love, I collect Buddhas. I'm not Buddhist. And most of the time, the Buddhas are a little, shall we say, odd looking.
    Before that I collected witches.
    Before that I dipped into the Beanie Baby madness.

    Next on my list, weird Japanese items...........Any suggestions? I'd get into collecting something like the Blythe dolls or Pullips, but most of my collecting has to be cheap:wtf: .
  2. I collect Vintage Blubird Polly Pockets. Now, they only make bigger versions of polly pockets.
    Oh yeah.. I forgot to mention, I also collect Vintage Legos - especially the PARADISA pink girl line. They are real cute.
  3. Other than tokidoki... I collect anime things... mostly manga, now I'm starting gashapon figures and ****ajiki... I also get a lot of cell phone straps but I don't necessarily collect them

    also wanting to start to collect dunnies, qees, and other vinyls :smile:
  4. All of a sudden I find myself collecting Tarina Tarantino jewelry :nuts: . I'm obsessed :love:
  5. I love Tarantino jewelry. I got sucked in with a discount code on the deals and steals forum. I LOVE her "Hello Kitty" line, but it's a little over the price range for me. So my collection is really just two things :drool:
    My daughter loves the Polly Pockets, but those shoes are vacuum tragedies waiting to happen.....
  6. i'm a junk collector myself and have an ADD addiction to obsess over things for short spans of time. LOL. recently, i've been getting into pinky st dolls (like my avatar) because i want to customize one to look and dress like me and my gfs. my avatar sports my latest haircut and i would normally dress something like that but i've got a little tummy right now. ha ha ha.

    i also collect a lot of craft things (which i'm too busy to do because i'm obsessing over tokidoki). ;)
  7. I've tried crocheting. Actually, I started crocheting what I thought would be an afghan. It has since turned into at least a bedspread :roflmfao: I'm still trying to get the knitting thing down. For some odd reason, I can't get my head around it.
  8. i haven't tried crocheting yet but it's on my to learn list. i would like to learn how to do amigurumi. (sigh) one day ... i'm impressed that you crocheted a bedspread!!! :smile:

    i can only do the knit stitch (but not purl) and have knitted about 10 scarves. if several months pass, i usually have to ask someone for help. my next knitting project will be a felted purse.

    btw, i also make jewelry, cards, and scrapbook but most of all, i'm a craft supply collector! lol.
  9. Let's see... I collect Ugly Dolls and luv anime / manga stuff, oh and Apple dolls too. Comic-con here we come!
  10. leen619 you're going to sdcc :nuts:? maybe we'll see each other ;) I plan on using my tokidoki canguro there haha

    I only have one ugly doll (uglydog secret mission one from last year)... I didn't buy any before even tho I wanted them and now I can't find any vinyls I want (mainly icebat lol and I've learned he's one of the hardest :sad:) did you get any of those? lol
  11. Nope, I can't say I'm really a collector of anything besides toki, thanks god. If I were, I'd be more broke than broke.
  12. I collect hello kitty, mostly plushs, but I also have pez dispensers, bags and watch. I bought some tarantino pink head jewelry for my cousin, but not for myself.

    Here's my hello kitty plush collection:
  13. holy cow!! thats alot of hello kittys! haha...nice! I love the one in the frog suit! soo cute! :biggrin:
  14. I collect Asian Ball Jointed Dolls, Mangas (Japanese) and Pug things...specifically Pug Plushies though. I am sure there are more as I am a serial collector lol.
  15. Yes I'll be at Comic-Con -we go every year! I'll try to look for you amongst the thousands of people that'll be there..haha. I'll look for anyone wearing Toki! lol

    Here's my collection of Ugly Dolls.. :nuts: My daughter won that big pink 2 foot doll last year. We were at their booth 4 days in a row meeting with the creators and getting our stuff signed! =)

    Can't wait to see what the Tokidoki booth has this year!