For the Canadian Ladies out there...

  1. My bf and I were discussing the amazing exchange rate, and we started talking about the demand for retail prices to come down. I started thinking about how amazing it would be if LV (and everywhere for that matter) would lower their prices to the US cost...I know this may be a dumb question, but does anyone actually know if they might or are working on it?...It just makes no sense to buy anything in Canada if they do not change it..........opinions???
  2. I completely agree with you! With the dollar almost at par it makes it really hard to make a purchase in Canada right now because there is such a price difference. I really hope they make an adjustment, I do remember at one point (last summer) they did do a price decrease in Canada for the same reason..maybe they'll do it again..I hope!
  3. I asked my Sa and she said there is nothing plan for the prices to come down.
  4. I know that some of the Cdn prices dropped last November because of the currency but then the prices went slightly again in June.

    Will be heading downt to NYC next weekt to pick up a Neverfull PM or Illovo PM.
  5. I was in Toronto last weekend and thought the same thing. When is the retail pricing in Canada going to reflect the new dollar? But, you know, I bet retail is the last thing to change in cases where the dollar fluctuates. We may never see the CAD prices go down?!

    It's a good time to go shopping and get deals in the States.. HA.. never thought I would EVER say that! :woohoo:
  6. i hope so too! i'm trying to hold off purchasing big items until they announce what they're doing.
  7. That's what I think, and after talking to my dad who watches Business Television like 12 hours a day, he thinks so too.

    It would be awesome if LV would lower the prices, however, it may be that during the next price increase, if the Canadian dollar is still so strong, the Canadian prices will increase less than the US prices (just like last increase, most Vuittons were 1 US:1.07 CAD before, now the bags whose prices increased are somewhere around 1 US:1.04)
  8. Yeah, it would feel painful to buy a bag for $100 more here plus tax, considering the dollar is the same.
  9. From what I understand, both the Canadian and US prices are based up against the Euro when it comes to LV. If anything, if the US $ continues to weaken against the Euro, the US prices will go up. There isn't any direct correlation between the US price of LV and the Canadian price of LV and how our currencies are doing against each other.

    (Personally, I'm heading down to the LV boutiques in the US!! There's at least a 6% savings with no GST down there!)
  10. I was thinking this myself...however, is everyone purchasing in the states planning on claiming their purchases at the border? These days I'm too scared to not claim things, and when I think about the gas to get there (the closest US LV to my hometown is about 1.5hrs away) and the taxes to pay once you claim it, is it really worth it?

    I know some ppl mail the dust bag, cards, etc. back to themselves...but I dunno, I suppose it depends how big your purchase is to say whether or not it's worth it.

    On a complete sidenote, I was in the Bloor shop yesterday, saw the Nimbus in person - and sooooo wanted to reach out and touch it. BUT i was limited on time, and was looking for a bday pres for my mom, so there was no extra time to oogle and drool. :sad:
  11. It would be awesome if they dropped the prices but I doubt it'll happen.

    I'm actually planning a trip to New York soon and may wait to make my LV purchases until I go.
  12. FYI, they ARE indeed changing the prices. In fact, many of the up coming LE bags have already been affected by the exchange rate and thus many have been marked DOWN as compared to the prices seen in the LE book...

    EDIT: just wanted to add that don't expect a massive drop in the prices...... I would HIGHLY doubt that anything would be decreased by more than 10%...... eg. THe Monogram Motard Biker that I'm waitlisted for went from 4280 to 4250$CAD... Also, I don't know about the perm collection bags/accessories, but I'd think they'd mark them down sooner or later as long as the canadian dollar maintains its current value.....
  13. It sure would be great if the prices at LV went down. Its almost more worthwhile to buy off eBay right now.
  14. Buying ANYTHING on eBay is great right now!! :nuts: I just bought a brand new watch for my boyfriend for $179 CAD including shipping! :nuts: It costs $285+tax here in Canada!
  15. I'll be heading down to NYC next weekend for our Thanksgiving holiday. It is worth it you are already visiting, not purposely to go down to save a few $$. I believe that you can bring back 400.00 per person over 48 hours. I suppose if you are several people travelling then you can combine the amount. Keeping my fingers cross.

    I plan to pick up the Neverfull PM, here in Canada is 620 + 15% taxex, in the US 575 + 8.35% tax. I think it almost 100.00 savings.

    It is also depending on which item you are looking at. I am considering the Illovo PM as well, Cdn 620 and US 605, the savings is a bit less here.