For the boys - new purchase and small collection

  1. New here, first post. I thought I would like to see what the men on this site have for a collection. I just got a Keepall 50, to compliment my Passport Cover, Key & Change Holder and a Poche Documents.

    I would love to see what other men on this site have.

  2. nice collection there are a few guys around try a search or look in the clubhouse section or the bag show case there are a few threads around

    good luck & welcome
  3. HI! My husband has 4 wallets, a keepall 50, and sunglasses. Nice collection!
  4. i only have a carryall and soon am gonna get the bosphore GM messenger. but i wanted the keepall for the shoulder strap, but when they brought it out to me, it was all folded up and had no structure to it, so i crossed it right off my list. i guess i dont need it for travel as much as i do everyday.
  5. Cool collection!

    To upload any pics in the future, they must have a .jpg or .gif ending. ;)
  6. welcome to the Forum! there are a few of us in here and its always great to see another guy as mad with LV as we are. there's a Men's LV thread in the Clubhouse section and you're most welcome to join. cheers :tup: