for the balenciaga crazed

  1. hi ...

    i'm a newbie here. and i just want to say that i'm learning soooo much from you all about eBay + balenciaga bags :yahoo:.

    i'm looking to have my first balenciaga bag soon~ and i'm thinking of a city bag but i'm still unsure of the colours :confused1: they're all so gorgeous!

    any recommendations? :smile:

  2. You posted in the wrong thread; no big deal, but post same question under "balenciaga". The "achtung balenciaga" is just for GREAT DEALS YOU have heard about or seen on eBay.

    You will get TONS OF responses there..thanks!:yes: :heart:
  3. oopsie.. thanks ;)
  4. WELCOME!!!
    I would probably say get a: CITY - holds basically everything! Well, then again it really depends how much you carry everyday.
    As for the colour, any will be AWESOME!!! :wlae: Theres always basic BLACK ;)
  5. If your clothes and accessories are colorful already, I say go for a black city.
  6. Yep a black city is a great start, but bal does wonderful colors so i would try to go to a shop and check them out, it's the best way to figure out what suits you best!
  7. Definately a City.:yes:

    Have you check the ateliernaff for the different colors? atelier.naff: Balenciaga color swatches, by season

    It is my dictionary for bbags.

    BTW, welcome to this wonderful forum. The ladies and gents here are :angel: s.