For the alexa owners

  1. Erica is the best! I have bought several Alexas from her. No problem with any of my Alexas either.
  2. I think the Bays is very easy to open :smile: I tried out the Alexa by getting an inspired style and I simply could not cope with how fiddly it was. I gave it away to a friend's daughter.
  3. I have both, a bays and an Alexa and I find both fine to get in and out of. With the Alexa, you get used to the magnetic straps and it is easier to get in and out of if you are carrying it on your shoulder or cross body, rather than by hand or on the crook of your arm, but then if I was carrying my Alexa by hand and needed to get into it, I would then move to wearing it on my shoulder so that I had my hands are free to get my things out. I just adapt to what I am using. The bays, even though it is more structures, the flap doesn’t stay up on its own and I do flip it over.