For the alexa owners

  1. Hi! I really like the look of the alexa and I want to buy one but after reading more about it on the net, it seems that some owners are complaining of the quality and that it's not as good as it used to be. For example, some have complained about stitching coming off and the color of the lock also coming off. For the price of the bag, is it still worth it? Also, did any of you buy your mulberry bags from erica of hgbags? Is she a reputable seller? Thanks!
  2. Erica is fabulous. Worth it or not depends on how you see it. Some things that are of value to me could be useless to another.

    If you are into whats in then better avoid Alexa, I have a feeling it's slowly phasing out no thanks to Emma Hill overflogging it.
  3. I have an Alexa in oak. Use it regulary and i have no problem with quality. Its a more delicate leather then other mulberry bags and often compare with the Bayswater that has a more sturdy leather.

    I love the bag! Its light and has many variations because of the shoulderstrap and handle. If there is something happening to any Mulberry bag, often there is a guarantee, so you can get it reparied for free.
  4. I have had the regular Alexa for over a year now and I have not had any issues with it. It is best if you can see one first so you can look and pick the leather that is best for you.
  5. Hi I have the alexa in oak as well. No problems with it, but I have found it to be actually very heavy for a crossbody bag (even without much in it). That'd be my only complaint though
  6. Thanks for all your advice and input :smile:

    I'm more for the style rather than what's in. I definitely feel more confident buying an alexa from erica.

    Thanks again everyone!
  7. I have an Oak Alexa and, for me, it has been definitely worth it. I'm not sure how the colour can come off the lock as it's just metal (not painted over) and you can't see the scratches on it as it's matte finish. The gold tone finish hardware seems to be more easily scratched (on other Alexas). I think that the oak is the most classic colour and has a vintage look to it, so shouldn't date, at least not as much as the bright colored or printed Alexas.
  8. I find my regular oak buffalo Alexa to be quite light :confused1:
    Is yours oversized?

    The only complaint I have is it's not the most practical style because you need to open the flap and close it every time you want to get something out if it. That can be a pain, especially if you're not wearing it with the shoulder strap.
  9. Is the bayswater also a pain to open?
  10. Yes, mine is oversized but I have a lot of larger bags and this one just weighs me down. Definitely not an every day bag for sure.
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    I don't know as I don't own one. It might be easier with the bays because it's a more structured bag and the flap is smaller so it might stay up when you open it. The Alexa is slouchy and the flap is long and heavy and kinda gets in the way. You have to flick it to the other side to put your hand inside the bag. If it's hanging on your shoulder, it's much easier as you have two free hands.

    After reading your earlier comments about the lock scratches, I had a close look at my Alexa and found some scratches on the lock! :sad: I haven't worn my bag much at all, so not impressed.
  12. I have a regular black Alexa and love it. I usually wear it cross body so I have two hands free. Wouldn't mind a bag liner/organiser for it - any suggestions which is best? I don't like bright colours so would prefer a black liner.
  13. I have the regular oak Alexa for over a year. No issues so far.
    Not sure if it will be big enough though.
  15. Thanks for all the info ��