For sure knowledge on hand stitching..

  1. Does anyone know for a fact that Dogon wallets are still handstitched? My SA swore they are, but with all this recent info about machine made smaller goods I am curious if anyone has any differing information. My Dogon has the same sideways stitching as my Kellys and Birkin, but the back side is straight.

    Are all leather wallets handstitched?
  2. :s

    This is why I think we need to be really careful about broadcasting that H quality is in decline.
  3. There is no quality issue with my wallet at all. I just want to verify what I was told.
  4. It's handstitched.

  5. Sorry to veer off the subject, but i remember seeing an award winning print ad long ago. It had the headline:

    by robots

    Everytime I see anything that says handmade, it reminds me of the ad. :rolleyes:
  6. I don't know, about the Dogon, sorry!, and I can't tell with my newish bearn tri fold because it's black on black but comparing with my bi fold which I bought early 90s what is interesting to me is that below each credit card compartment on the older bi, is a stitched line. Not on the tri. Same with the slots on the embossed side. all stitched. Are all new BIs stitched like this?
    bearn 2 fold.jpg
  7. I am going with hand old H wallets, Jigi clutch,bags and small leather goods have/had the same sort of double over finishing stitches as my new ones...I hope this is helpful Machines do not do this sort of work to my knowledge..