? for Suhali Lockit MM owners or those who've tried it out...

  1. I purchased one off eLux to use as a work bag, but the straps are the exact same length as the PM version. Based on my forum searches, I thought the MM was a shoulder bag. Can anyone confirm if it should have longer handles?

  2. Congrats! :heart: the Suhali Lockit!
    Description says the MM and GM can be worn on the shoulder and hand held.
  3. kinda off topic but how much is the suhali lockit MM in the US? do overseas visitors get a tax-free price?
  4. ^I don't know if visitors abroad get tax free in the USA, but the price is $2,620.
  5. From what I could recall at the boutique, the MM did not have very long handles... It was longer than the PM, but still didn't seem very shoulder-friendly. I like the GM as a work bag, btw, cuz you can put in documents and can be worn onthe shoulder :yes:
  6. i have always thought that the MM was handheld. I have tried it in the store and it is definitely handheld for me.
  7. I have tried all in the store .. even the travel lockit:nuts: I could fit the pm, mm on my shoulder .. the mm has a wider base so it could become uncomfortable after a while when carried on the shoulder (esp. if full) .. I love the MM & GM in black:heart:
  8. I just recently tried it on this week and it definitely is a handheld bag at least for me.
  9. ive seen it irl, it looks more of a handheld..
  10. I just tried this one on at the SF store and I could fit it on my shoulder. The PM is definitely hand held, but the MM fit nicely on my shoulder.

    HTH! Oh and congrats on your new bag.....:heart: it!! :yes:
  11. I've tried both the PM and the MM. They are clearly meant to be handheld. I can fit both on the shoulder, but the straps are a little short for this purpose. I don't think it'll be comfortable carried that way for long, especially the MM, which has a really wide base and your arms will stick out away from your body a bit akwardly, and the bag's a little too big to "swing" backwards completly, KWIM?