For Spring 08 Would You Buy A Floral Pattern In The Motorcycle Style?

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Would you buy a motorcycle style w/fabric from sp/sum08 collection?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Think of the recent Balenciaga runway show - o.k., would you buy a motorcycle style bag - a city, part-time, etc., in one of the hot floral textile patterns if Balenciaga offered them? [​IMG]

    I know that most of us love the leather, and the Balenciaga forum tends to spend all of their time on the leather style. Fabrics haven't been ooohed and aaahhhed about like the leathers - so let me know if you think a motorcycle style in some of the hot sp/sum08 fabrics would work in your wardrobe!
  2. mmm...i like the leather on the bbags and i think flowers are a bit too feminine for me.
  3. Not for me- I want leather. I like those colors on that fabric the model is wearing though!
  4. too much for a bag ;)
    and i love bbag leather:tup:
  5. I only care for leather bags. I will not touch bags made by fabrics.
  6. Leather for me. Wouldn't spend that much on a fabric bag that will only last 1 season
  7. Not only am I not really into fabric bags, but I really didn't care for the spring clothes. The floral just didn't do it for me (and I like patterns, but I tend to go more toward Diane von Furstenberg-style two-colour patterns) and I wasn't crazy about the shapes. Too bad because I usually love Gesquiere's work.
  8. ITA - too matronly for my taste:s
  9. It's too over the top, I don't wear floral, I agree, it is matronly. Solid leather colors only, please!
  10. No
  11. Not for me!
  12. I would not buy a floral material in one of the motorcycle styles. I am so into the leather - that beautiful expanse of leather is why I'm so crazy about Balenciaga!
  13. oh, a definite maybe. if the floral was silky like the dress and shiny, i would get it if the trim leather was black or a color that matched the material. the past material bbags had trim colors that made the bag look awful.
  14. ITA. I was really disappointed by the spring collection at least from what I saw. Nothing looked very wearable for my lifestyle or even for someone else's for that matter. I just didn't care for the shapes or the floral. I like edgy and this didn't do it for me.

    As for fabric bags, I do like the tweed. But I probably would never purchase one.
  15. The pics that I have seen of the new floral patterns were way too loud for my liking. I love Bal leather, so I wouldn't buy fabric bag.