For spoiled rich kids ...

  1. I'm so weird. I actually want this!

    Zoltar (Fortune Teller)
    This fortune teller provides 16 different spoken fortunes and dispenses 23 different printed fortunes. Insert a quarter and he nods his head up and down as his crystal ball illuminates. Just don't wish to be big, and you'll remain a kid forever.
    Product dimensions: 77" H x 33" W x 28" D
    Product weight: 225 lbs.
    Recommended for all ages
    Hammacher Schlemmer - Homepage - The Unexpected Gifts

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  2. the zoltar was on the movie BIG wasnt it?
  3. OMG Yes! Everytime I'm in a tourist trap I shove my quarters in hoping I'll get a little card, but all it ever does is talk :crybaby:
  4. The zoltar was my favorite too.
  5. oh wow!! the sad truth is, that people would actually buy those for their kids who would lose interest very quickly!.. you're right.. spoiled brats!
  6. Unless these kids are young entrepreneurs, they are not *technically* rich. At some point they may inherit money, but they, themselves, are not rich. :shrugs: Sigh... not impressed...

    but Zoltar machine is soo cool!!!!! ;)
  7. :yes:
  8. Aww, the Batman thing is cool!
  9. reminds me of when i play the sims...and the rooms are cluttered with bunches or random junk- just cause it can be. lol.
  10. I would want the playground, the Victorian house, and the car racing game!!
  11. Interesting. The Grand Victorian mansion photo with the two dressed up kids in front gives me the creeps.
  12. Oh my..I want the Victorian mansion, the pirate clubhouse, & the Fantasy coach!! :love: :nuts: hehehe
  13. I have seen the Pirate Clubhouses...they are really cool!!!! I would like the Fantasy Coach, that was soooo cute!!!