For Speedy 30-Purseket Large or Cardboard?

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  1. Hi gals,

    I just received my new Speedy 30 from Elux and I wanted to find a way to prevent the bottom from sagging. I don't really care for the Purseket for its functionality as an organizer but have read that it helps the bag not sag. Does the Speedy 30 hold up better w/the Purseket or will a regular cut cardboard do? I also welcome any other suggestions. I used to have a Speedy 25 and put a board on the bottom but it kept shifting so my stuff would end up under the board. Please enlighten me to do it the right way. Better yet, if you have pictures, that'd be great. TIA!
  2. i actually use the packing air pillows that elux puts in the box to line the bottom of the bag so that the bag holds its shape without adding weight (it also helped me find my stuff since i found that my bag was too deep for me)
  3. I use a Purseket but, it sags into the shape of the Purseket....unless you get a Purseket that is the exact dimensions as the Speedy 30, which I have yet to find. I think jc2239's idea is good, if you don't mind the air pillows. To tell you the truth, as time passes on, I don't mind the sagging anymore.
  4. Ok, thanks for your advices. I give the packing air pillows a try. Hopefully it won't make too much sound when I reach in and out of the bag.
  5. My husband made an insert for the bottom of my Speedy 30 out of plexiglass. It works like a charm! You can get plexiglass at any home supply store like a Home Depot. Just cut it to size and sand down the edges so it's smooth. What's nice about it too is that it is see through so you see the bottom of the bag. It works great! He said he should go into business selling them to all the Speedy owners ..... lol
  6. Kat, I'm begging my husband to look into this plexiglass thing right now. Can you tell me the exact dimensions of your plexiglass in the Speedy 30? Do you need special tools to cut them? I will look into this over the weekend after I try out the air stuffer. Thank you!
  7. the plexiglas idea sounds really plexiglass pretty hard/heavy? it hard to get it into the bag without stretching out the opening?
  8. Ingenious! Just one of the many things husbands are good for....PRACTICALITY!
  9. By seeing all these curiosity towards the plexiglass idea, your husband really should look into this as a business opportunity, Kat! :biggrin:
  10. i'd buy one, seeing as i have no handy dandy husband around to cut plexiglass and do other manly things for me :sad2:
  11. Me too. Although I have a hubby, we might not have the tools to cut it. I'd totally buy one. Seeing that I was ready to buy a Purseket just to make the Speedy 30 hold up.
  12. I think it's crazy that LV hasn't found a way to solve the "sag dilemma." Speedy bags should come with special LV pillows or something. :lol:
  13. Plexiglass? Thanks!
  14. My husband actually measured my bag so it would be exact. I think that's the way to go. Just measure the bottom of your bag. He used a hand saw (I believe that's what it was) and then sanded the edges smooth. I will double check with my husband in the morning. It's 12:30 a.m. here in NY and he is sleeping.
  15. It is hard but it's not heavy. If you take exact measurements it fits like a glove without stretching it.;)