? for sophia owners

  1. i was browsing through ebay and found this auction w/Jlo carrying her white sophia: eBay: Authentic Marc Jacobs White Sofia Sophia Bag (item 220041555164 end time Nov-01-06 10:37:54 PST) (click on 2nd pic. w/jlo walking w/Affleck).

    I really like how the sophia wears on her (hehe, not vice versa for us baglovers) -- meaning how the sides of the purse bulges out in a round shape. I also notice that "old" buckle sophias have the pockets more to the side of the purse (compared to pushlock ones) which adds excess weight to the side further "rounding out" the overall shape. I'm also wondering if Jlo has alot of stuff in her bag cause it does look filled up. Inspite of that, just looking at the seller's many pics, her sophia still looks really round even when laid flat on the table (unless she stuffed it too). Oh, and i notice Jlo carries her sophia pretty high which i think could make some difference?

    shooo....ok, so my question is:
    Just wondering does your pushlock sophia look like Jlo's when you carry it? Also do you carry alot in it? I'd like to know your thoughts. :smile: i always thought sophia would look flat when worn on the shoulder and the edges not so round and pudgy.

    Thanks for your thoughts (and sorry for the looong question). :rolleyes:
  2. I have a tumbled calf leather sophia with me now, and it does have a nice curved look to it. There's some big stuff in it now, my clutch wallet and huge sunnies along with keys and phone. I don't think the amount of stuff in the bag affects the overall shape too much, since the bag has a lot of structure with all the compartments.

    I really do like the shape of the sophia, with the curvy sides. LOL, almost like hips.
  3. I have a similar Sophia to the one on auction (just a little softer white with light yellow suede interior) and I can say that yes it definitely has a rounded shape. However, looking a JLo's I wonder if it is stuffed a bit in the corners of the bag because it does look kind of perfectly plump! I do stuff the front buckle pockets with tissue so that they stand out a bit from the body of the purse. I'm sure you could do this with the main comparment of your Sophia if you want it to look a certain way...
  4. thithi: LOL, like hips!! :roflmfao: yea, i like it like that. :graucho: So does your sophia have wide hips like jlo's when you wear it? Also what do you mean by tumbled calf? you do own the pushlock? thank you so much again as always for your help. i wonder about the "hip" thing w/the sophia b/c it seems like same same as stella (is it? it looks like it?)....and my stella isnt blessed with hips. :flowers:

    ctm19: thank you for the advice on the pockets! I didnt think of that! i will definitely do that if i do decide on the sophia. :smile:
  5. I like big hips too! :P My tumbled calf sophia has pushlocks, but the leather is more smooth and less slouchy than soft calf, so I think it gives my sophia more structure and a cleaner look. My soft calf wish pushlock sophia doesn't have big hips because it's a tad slouchy, it probably could be stuffed to give it that curvy look. I wonder if JLo stuffs hers, because she's got some plump hips there.... but I guess that's why everyone loves her(double entendre intended)!:graucho: