for sma11cat

  1. I think it's the same as Amanda Bynes..Here's a pic of it from my photo bucket

  2. Yep that is the size smallcat. I have the blue metallic in that size and the fushia pink monogram. I love your collection msmelanie tres nice!!
  3. Thanks Janice! This horsebit bag and my new pelham have to be my current favorites of my collection. The abbey tote I don't have anymore.. I had returned it 2 years ago.
  4. oh my god mssmelanie you are so sweet for posting this. i love both your guccis. very very nice!

    and thanks janice you are so helpful!
  5. sma11cat - oh this isn't my collection. I don't have that tote...This is my current collection.

    In the first picture, the 2nd handbag from the left is no longer in my collection but has been sold on ebay to a lovely boardie :heart: sharbear.

    And the bag on the right is mine..
  6. Melanie, I see those shoes and it hurts so bag. I love those shoes. It is your fault that I am in love with Gucci.
  7. butterfly - Thanks! Those are my only designer pair of shoes.. Well shoes over $200 anyway. I love them.. If you want a pair of Gucci's, they definitely go on sale. These aren't on sale but you might see still some shoes on sale at Sak's or Neiman's
  8. i love you collection melanie! you seem to like the beige gg fabric a lot. =)
  9. And I am forever indebted to you for it melanie!!! I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: my new hobo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love:
  10. sharbear - I am so glad you love it! I'm happy that we both made out well on this and I could get my Pelham.
  11. Love the bag and shoes!