? for sky blue owners or lovers..

  1. Please describe the shade "sky blue" to me. My monitor stinks, and I can't recall if I have seen this color IRL. Is it a grayish blue, or a baby blue? How does it compare to the ice blue?
    Thanks so much!!:heart:
  2. Sky Blue is the Baby Blue and darker than Ice Blue (no grays). It is one of the most gorgeous Blues from 05. :yes: I used to have it in the City.:crybaby:
  3. Def. BABY BLUE!!... as NAnaz said, no gray at all.. it's a beautiful color!!! I use to have the mini twiggy & the twiggy.. LOVED THEM!!
  4. Baby blue
  5. It's truly the color of a clear sky.
  6. I couldn't agree more. :yes: That's why I love her:love:

  7. sky blue is one of those colors that look way better in person than in pictures. because pictures doesn't capture the complexity of the leather/color. i had a day hobo once and i loved her. really matched well with denim.
  8. thanks, everyone, for your helpful and thoughtful replies!:heart:
  9. Gorgeous color! :smile: