For size comparison on the Kristin Satchel (Med) vs Large Sabrina

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  1. I forgot to share with you gals the pic I took of the comparison between my large patent camel sabrina with the Kristin Medium Satchel (which I ended up returning). TBH, it is smaller than the small sabrina (I personally think), its like a bag for a young girl or else some that has a really really petite frame... my SA is even tiny and it just didn't look right on her either... this is just so all you gals can get an idea if you were thinking about ordering it or contemplating... If you even want a medium bag, I'd suggest ordering the Large Kristin satchel :biggrin: Happy Shopping!
  2. It would help if I posted the pic huh?

  3. Its tiny lol thanks for the pics :smile: i love the keyfob on sabrina, i must get it :smile:
  4. haha, thanks hun! I know my SA was like, "when did you get that keyfob?" I'm like I got it from a friend, she's like "I MUST have that for my camel patent sabrina too" LOL
  5. hmm..definitely the Large Kristin Satchel would be best then! Thanks for the pics woman!!
  6. Oh WOW, yeah, that IS small!! I have a couple of small Sabrinas I really don't carry because they are a bit too small for my tastes. I do like the larger satchel's a nice size, not too large or too small. Looking at them side by side right now, and the lg Sabrina base seems a bit wider...not by much, but a little. The Kristin is a little taller, though.
  7. Yeah L, the kristin satchel looked like a baby pouch next to my large sabrina... its really hard to even tell from the pic, but to be honest, IRL it is seriously so small... like its almost like an evening bag small.. all the SA's couldn't believe their eyes...LOL I do have to admit the leather is soft and smooshy and thick
  8. Wait why can't I see the fob??
  9. What do you mean? The fob thats on my large camel patent sabrina is on the right hand side, is that what you are asking? :confused1:
  10. That is tiny. A wee bit to small for me...but it's super cute and for the right occasion it would be great!
  11. Ha, ha, still digging out but taking a break! I can't believe it...the d*mn plow came through 3 times and blocked my driveway AGAIN...with a large mound that consisted of a few huge chunks of heavy wet snow. UGH!! So I had to take a break and talk bags, lol, but I heard something and looked out my window. HOLY neighbors brought over a snow blower and shovel and got rid of all of it and now the end of my driveway is totally clean!!! OMG, how AWESOME is that?!?! That would have taken me forever with just me and a shovel!

    Anyway, I managed to snap a quick phone pic of the large comp. :biggrin: I think you would like the size if you like the large Sabrina! It's smooshy, so not really that structured, and so it ends up being a little taller and almost the same width!

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  12. Wow, thanks L for the pics... its similar in size, love that turquoise color too!