for shopmom...could this be Vert Feuillage? :)

  1. shopmom could this be your dream color?:heart: :nuts:

    a kelly in Vert Feuillage??? (taken from a japanese site)
    600x450-2007011700010.jpg 600x450-2007011700012.jpg 600x450-2007011700011.jpg
  2. ohhh Amour! thats a pretty green color! i love it!!! Shopmom what do you think?
  3. Beautiful color, althought I believe Vert Feuillage is a newer color and that bag is definitely older (see condition, old velour dustbag). The third picture looks a bit darker sans flash so I'm wondering if it's Vert Fonce in Clemence or perhaps Vert Claire (per GF's color chart).
  4. It looks like vert amande, I saw something similar on LZ's site... :shrugs: Or is it vert Fonce?
  5. Thank you, Amour!!!! hmmmmm......I don't think it's Vert Feuillage or Vert Fonce.....actually does look like Vert Amande to me too, Princessfrog.

    I'd love to find some accessory in this Vert Feuillage color one of these days.....just to tide me over until the big bag rolls in.....
  6. Interesting, did bags come in Vert Amande? For some reason I thought it was only in smaller accessories. Anyone know?
  7. ^ I thought that, too O. The Japanese get the best things.....did you know thay are the Hermes "test market"? They get the new colours/styles etc first.
  8. I actually like this vert amande, I saw an agenda at my local store and :heart: it.
  9. Another vote for vert amande, but strictly going by age of the bag.

    Yes, they do make bags in this color and I believe it has been around a while. EMNH, where are you? This is one of her mother's favorite colors and she actually thought it had been discontinued.
  10. Japanese girls get some big ticket items tested there, for sure with their "compact luxury market" there out of control, and ladies spoiling themselves, becoming more and more independent.

    Hey, I'm all for it go sisters! Just don't make me have to move to Japan :nuts: