For Sarah Jessica Parker Fragrance Fans in The Portland OR Area

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker will be in Portland for a meet-and-greet at the Macy's at Washington Square on August 17th at noon.

    To be able to participate in this, you must pre-purchase a specific (I believe limited edition?) set of her new frangrance - Covet. It's $140 and contains a number of items. There will be a limit on the number of people allowed to participate, and SJP will sign everyone's perfume bottles and greet each person. I am told she is VERY gracious at these events.

    While I like the new scent, it doesn't work as well with my body chemistry as her original scent, so I will not be participating. But tPFers who love SJP and her new's an opportunity to get to meet her! You can call the Washington Square Macy's for details and to get registered for the event.

    I am NOT affiliated with Macy's or the fragrance. I just happened to be in Macy's this afternoon and checked out her new fragrance and the SA gave me the scoop. So I thought I'd pass on the info!
  2. She was just in Philly today for her Bitten clothing line...Busy girl!! :smile: