? for Saleya PM owners

  1. I think I may get this bag after my purse ban...is it hand held only or will it fit on your shoulder? Anyone have pics of how they carry it? I love the shape and size of the bag - are there any downsides to carrying this bag?
  2. i am just curious...is there a thread about Burberry bags?
  3. Here's mine.



  4. ^Traci... You make that bag look so sweet! Wish I had slender arms...
  5. Thanks Traci -it looks incredible on you! Is that the PM? It seems bigger than I had thought.

  6. Yeah, but it's in the Burberry forum on tPF...
  7. I have had my Saleya PM since July and I keep coming back to it over and over. Carrying it today in fact. Don't regret it for a second.
  8. Great to know - I think I want something thats roomier than my pap, but not a speedy, so thought the saleya was a good option.
  9. ^^Yes, mine is the PM. It fits soooo much too! I love it and it's perfect for rainy/snowy days because I don't have to worry about vachetta at all. I love it. One of the best bags I've ever bought!
  10. I love my Saleya PM! I bought it last March, and it was my first LV. (My first luxury bag, even!) It's fabulous -- very roomy, but still carries like a smaller bag. It is almost the exact same size as an Alma, but you can carry more in it because the top widens rather than narrows like the Alma. I can't carry it on my shoulder, though -- it's strictly handheld or on the forearm.
  11. I LOVE mine too. But for me it doesn't work on my shoulder...only handheld or crook of the arm. It's so roomy and practical and the red lining is TDF. I took it on a December vacation to Florida and it did awesome! No worrying about vachetta in the humidity and it goes with all my outfits.