For Riveting LV owners

  1. I find that the straps are kind of tough, will they break in with time? Also I can't really wear it on my shoulder (my shoulders are very narrow), the bag's too wide. If I carry it in my hands all the time, will it get really dirty and patina unevenly?
  2. i mentioned how scratchy the straps are to the sales woman and she said they would soften up after use. also she said it would be quite so boxy after a while.
  3. Thanks! Very helpful:smile: I am built like you with thin arms/shoulders so the bulkiness is kind of getting to me.. But it's so unique looking, makes me happy:smile:
  4. Yea...the straps will probably soften with use! I know even on my BV straps they are getting more flexible with continued use.
  5. Same. She's got a fat little bottom... but she's sexy enough to make up for it.
  6. Everything on LV canvas bags starts to get softer after use. I noticed that with my BH. The canvas is falling in the middle when it lays on its own.
  7. LOL, my feeling exactly. Btw, I like your collection, esp.Tulum and the cherry bag, so cute!
  8. yes it'll soften up of time... just give it a little while