For Reference: Difference between new and old small Garda

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  1. Hello everyone,
    Today when I received my newest purchase, upon opening the box to my surprise, the seller actually sent the new version of small Garda (original pics shown on Reebonz were of the old version). At first, I was not very happy; but on second thoughts, I realized this is a good opportunity to compare the difference for anyone out there who might want to know. Who knows, I might end up liking the new version as well.

    Nero is of new version, whilst Aqua is the old type.

    1. Bag height
    The new version is slightly taller.

    2. Bag bottom length
    New version is slightly shorter but not much of a difference can be seen.

    3. Handles
    New type have metal rings instead and much wider than old type.

    4. Side straps
    98407022-8167-4B11-96A4-35401F5CB34C.jpeg A751513D-5D88-4171-A7CA-D5D9DF9D551E.jpeg
    Stitching of the straps are different, the new version side seams are completed with the black coating whilst the older version shows the folding of leather upon closing the side seams.

    The width of the straps is different as well.

    5. Side holes
    The new version added metal rings at the two middle holes as well. The touch looks really nice, but I can see in long term the finish of the rings might rub off each other.

    6. Inner pockets
    The new version provides a much larger inner pocket for your phone or small stuff. It is much easier getting stuff in and out of that pocket.

    For the time being, these are what I have spotted. Hope that this helps anyone who is on the lookout for this kind of info.

    I would love to know anyone’s thoughts upon the small Garda. After broken in I loved the small Garda so much that I bought a second one. Now just deciding if willing to try out the new version or not. ;)
  2. Thank you for this review. I have been considering getting the small (I have a Medium in Ebano) and your notes are very helpful. The handles on the Aqua are so pretty! Would you mind posting a pic with some things in the bag (wallet, keys, etc.)? Do you carry it hand-held or on your shoulder?
  3. No problem, I’ll take the pics later on. I normally carry my bags on my shoulder, so the strap drop of double handles fits snuggly right under my arm. Single strap is even better. But the look of double strap is so beautiful. For reference, I’m 160cm tall. :graucho:
  4. This is what I carry in my bags recently, but the weather is inconsistent these days so I added an umbrella and a fan to the bunch. I normally keep my phone in the side pocket with zippers, which is empty in these pics. :lol:

    This is how double handle looks like with stuff in.

    This is the single strap look.

    This is what I have inside the bag layed out. :lol:
    Long wallet, coin pouch, keys, umbrella, fan, driving gloves, portable charger with charging line, ear phones, tissue, wet wipes, hand cream, lip balm, lip stick, floss, pens, hand bag holder (the round thing) and a drink bag.

    Small Garda holds quite a bit and even if not that full it doesn’t flop too much. Very easy to get in and out. ;) Hope u have a great time deciding on the small Garda. :tup:
  5. Thank you! It looks so sleek while holding a lot of stuff!
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  6. Yes, that is one beautiful character of the small Garda!
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  7. Thank you for the detailed review! Love the color of both. I have one in toffee color and it's just so versatile and easy to use! I wonder if the difference between the two style would be more pronounced after some breaking in... The changes they made seemed to be minor
  8. Well, only time can tell. Or if any ladies in the forum have both styles and have already broken both in can provide an answer. I am rather keen to know the result. :lol:
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