For Rebecca Minkoff Fans...

  1. I am such a fan of these bags! I have just joined and am learning about blogging, and see there are many fans of the Morning After mini, etc. So chic and practical.
    I'd love to hear from you.
  2. Welcome to TPF! I'ts really fun here.. you'll definitely enjoy it. If you want to talk generally about bags, you should post this at the Handbags and purses forum: If you post things in the wrong forum, moderators will move it. Just a tip! Have fun!
  3. Hi there!
    Thx! My message may have been placed here because if any of you gals go to the rebecca minkoff website and put "catalina" as the code you'll get 10% off! Enjoy if you are interested! I am still amazed at this whole blogging world! Do you work in the fashion world and get to enjoy its perks?? Thx again for the tip as I need to learn!
  4. i just got my bag from the sample sale and im in love!
  5. Fabulous! Which one did you get?
  6. ohhh! what did they have? If they had the morning after bag, how much was it? thanks :smile:
  7. Welcome to TPF. I just got a royal tote from the sample sale. I kinda wish I would have gotten a smaller bag, like the MA. But I do love her bags.
  8. i am very torn between getting the MA or the MA mini??? Any suggestions?
  9. Yay! I am so happy, I just received an email from Catalina at Rebecca Minkoff! If you write to her directly she can help you place your order and she'll track it, etc. Your own Personal shopper on line! Considering the recent customer service issues, I think this was what was needed! Woohoo!!
  10. Just so you guys know there is an entire Rebecca Minkoff forum! This thread might get moved there...
  11. oh ok! i know lots of girls knew Catalina and she's back! Just had to share!