For Rebecca (and the other Primp clothing fans)

  1. I found this Cathy comic today, and thought it was perfect:

  2. Hilarious.
  3. Aww haha that's so funny!
  4. Ok this is just sad. People have been asking me to take pics of my Primp pieces and I took about an hour this afternoon (seriously) to get them all out of my clost and organize everything for pics. Now I'm quite embarassed lol. :shame:
    100_8031.JPG 100_8035.JPG
  5. wow. cool collection rebecca
  6. awww i can't see the comic.

    and yes, amazing collection!
  7. Thanks guys!
    I attached the comic for you so you can see it. :smile:
  8. Wow what a collection!! I've never seen some of those styles before. Sooo cute!
  9. I love the bunny print pieces! I can't find Primp anywhere here... sigh.
  10. :heart: IT! They're just sooo cute.
  11. very cute lol! I have the sugar cookie hoodie and I love it.
  12. Lol thanks all! I've been collecting Primp since about 2005 when the only pieces you could get were the pink and blue ice cream or unicorn sets from
    back then, they hand splattered and airbrushed EVERYthing so you had to wait a couple of months for them to come in.
    Anyway the bunny pattern is discontinued but you can usually find a couple of pieces on eBay. Just be wary of the fakes, they run rampant on there.
  13. omg rebecca i love your primp collection ... i love the strawberry cardigan
  14. ive seen primp at tj maxx and loehmanns for great prcies