For 2nd Fendi B Bag

  1. So I returned the wool B Bag in favor for this black leather w/patent trim one. Looks darker black IRL. I will probably use this one as more of a day bag and to wear with suits etc. It's so durable and has such plush leather... I want more B Bags, but I need to control myself!

  2. And a couple modeling pics....

  3. I love it !!!
    It's perfect on you !!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats Imgg !!!
  4. ^^^ Thank You!!! I realize it's not the greatest pics. I am packing for a trip and I really should be concentrating on that....but I've been wanting to share my new bag for a while. Maybe I'll take more pics once I return.
  5. I like this one better than the wool, its gorgeous. Congrats!
  6. Great choice! My favorite style from Fendi, it is absolutely gorgeous & I love it! Congrats Imgg, you look FAB with it as usual. =)
  7. So glad you returned the wool one. It looks SO GOOD on you!!! Well done!
  8. Ohhh I love how that nappa leather looks so distressed and bubbly! Congrats! :yahoo:
  9. Looks great on you, conrats!!
  10. I think you made the right choice--that bag looks great!
  11. That is my favorite b bag also! (were b-bag twins :yahoo: ). The nappa softens up with use so nicely. You look fab with the bag, great modeling pics!:wlae:
  12. It looks great on ya.Congrats!!!
  13. wow, gorgeous pebbled smoochy leather. Its a beauty, congrats :smile:
  14. I love it! Looks fab on you:yes:

  15. SO SO SO HOT!!!:drool::love::nuts: I am IN LOVE!!!:love: Looks GORGEOUS on you (as always)!!! CONGRATS!!!:yahoo: