For PTI wallet owners

  1. Does it get awkward or too bulky having coins in the middle of the wallet like that? Or do you simply use a coin purse? I'm thinking of a new wallet next. What do you like/dislike about the PTI?
  2. I know one member told me once she didn't like her pti for that very reason. She said the coins were too bulky....but she had issues w/the cc slots becoming too loose as well.

    She has a zippy now and loves it. (Do do fav!)
  3. Not really. I keep my change in a separate coin purse (my Cerises Round) anyway. This and the Pochette Wallet are my 2 favorite styles. As for the stretching of the CC slots issue, you can always use another piece like a Cles, to put your extra cards in. I don't use more than about 3 of my cards on a daily basis, the rest are store cards that don't really need a permanent spot in my wallet.
  4. I never carry a lot of coins, but yeah it would get really bulky if you were to store tons of change in it.
  5. I never have put coins in that part. That's where I carry my paper money. I carry about 4 cc's and so far after one year it hasn't stretched out too far. i've also never carried a pen in the pen holder. I actually forget that's in there.
  6. NO! I def love my PTI :smile: actually the measuring is similiar with porte-monnaie
  7. Not at all!
  8. It is very bulky...I find myself fishing in my purse and it's always in the way. Also..if the coin purse section unsnaps (which happens to me all the time)...the change spills all over the bottom of your purse. I need to get something different..I would advise to check out all your options..before buying.
  9. There is nothing that I don't love about my PTI! I keep change in mine, and it is not bulky at all! I've also never had an issue with the change part coming open or the CC slots stretching.
  10. I Love mine I went for the zippy first but ended up getting the PTI for one reason only I write a lot of checks (good ones) for my bills at the stores etc. and I didnt like the fact that you cant write a check with the zippy you would need to have it in another case pull out wallet then the check book it takes too long in the PTI I can use the long slot on the top for my dollars and the bottom slot to place my check book it covers my cc's but thats fine I place my debit card it in the front and also my Id for easy access and my coins well I use a coin purse where the coins should go in the PTI I keep it for extra cards notes business cards excl. it works great. Love it! Hope I didnt confuse you.
  11. I have a compact wallet right now with my back up debit cards, insurance cards, etc. mostly in my agenda. I'm trying to have them all in one wallet, if possible. The zippy or koala might work. Oh, I'd rather not have a brown interior for my wallet. Just a quirk of mine. :smile:
  12. Well thats another thing the color. It is what its is I think they sell that style in other colors dont they? Like MC and Epi.
  13. Zippy hold a lot 2 so if your not concerned about checks I'd say go for that one.
  14. Thank you all! Think I'll check out some wallets irl.
  15. I'm very happy with mine ( I have 3) but recently I got the Eugenie because I liked the id window and the extra credit card slots.