For pre-owned bags, would you rather buy....

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. 1. one that has barely any wear, handles are lightly patina-ed


    2. one that is in good condition but more wear/darker handles for $100 less money?
  2. #1
  3. Another vote for #1!
  4. It would depend on how much more wear it had...if the only difference was the patina, I think I would go for saving $100.
  5. I bought a mono speedy 25 in beautiful condition from a My poupette reseller (very light patina) and saved $200 off of a brand new speedy (including tax). I had considered a lower cost one with more patina but knew I'd be happier in the long run spending a little more for the lighter handles. let us know what you decide.
  6. Definitely the bag with less patina.
  7. I tend to go for bags with a light-medium patina, purely because I prefer that look as opposed to brand new white vachetta.
  8. #1 for sure!
  9. #1 definitely
  10. #1
  11. Another vote for #1.
  12. Ditto...I don't really care about the patina (as long as it's even).
  13. I think the #1 too, Virgo. Good luck!
  14. I'm Number 1 as well!
  15. Go number 1 !
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