For Phoebe's Fan Club!

  1. Okay, by popular demand: more pictures of Phoebe! Her siblings are in some of the pictures, too.
    Phoebe, Beaver and Mao.jpg
    Note, in the first picture I am not encouraging Phoebe to use my chair as a scratching post. I just caught her in the act. We were moving some stuff out of the house to put down the new floors and get some of it ready for donating or storage. Beaver is the big orange cat in the foreground and Mao is the yellow one closer to Phoebe. This picture really shows off her kinky tail.
    The second picture is the original I used for my logo. I just isolated her from the background and put my company name underneath. I took the liberty of covering up the wallpaper she ripped up. It already had one loose corner when I moved in and she just would not leave it alone! Well, she got half the wallpaper off and I did the rest and repainted the wall.
    I'll add more as I can retrieve them.
  2. Phoebe In The Kitchen.jpg
    I'm not sure what Phoebe is looking at, but it was Christmas or shortly after and maybe she has her eye on some pretty ribbon or paper. Oh, please, don't let that cat near the wrapping paper!
  3. Phoebe followed me into the sewing room. Please excuse the mess, I don't always put my toys away when I'm done with my work.
    Pretty Phoebe small.jpg Phoebe Bright Eyes Small.jpg
    I took a couple of pictures of her before gently ushering her out of my studio. Yes, her eyes are really that yellow. They are the brightest yellow I've ever seen.
  4. Thanks, much appreciated! :smile:
  5. I think all this attention is going to Phoebe's head! She thinks she's a celebrity now. The others are getting a little jealous, so I promised I would post pictures of them, too.
    Halloween Phoebe400.jpg
    Phoebe next to the Halloween/Thanksgiving pumpkin.
  6. The more pics, the merrier! Did you know "Mao" is "cat" in Mandarin? :smile:
  7. Your cats are too cute! I love the pics of them invading your office! Bad kids LOL :devil:
  8. I was not sure which language from China it was, but I did know that "Mao" is cat. That's also what my Mao's call sounds like. That's how my sister gave him the name and I applied the "oriental" spelling.
  9. Thanks, Angelica. I do not allow them in the studio and that is why they try harder to invade. Phoebe and Beaver especially like to sneak in when I go to the sewing room. But, you can't let one cat in and not the others, so no one gets in. And I don't want to have to defur the room each time I want to start a project or plan or sort....
  10. Indulging Phoebe.jpg

    Okay, I'll admit I do indulge Phoebe (and the others) a little. The princess followed me into the sewing room and immediately settled on my chair. Since she was not getting into things or even moving, I let her stay. I was only doing some computer work and did not need my sewing area. If I had been planning to sew, she would not have been allowed to stay.
  11. In your first post, the one with Phoebe on the ledge? It's soo cute!

    In our house, we have a ledge like that by our back door (which we use to come in and out of the house.) My cat, Louis, uses it as his perch, and concentrates on knocking everything off that's up there when he's up there.

    I've watched him concentrate as he was trying to knock my car keys off the ledge. (I used to leave them there so I don't have to search for them on my way out somewhere.)
  12. Cute kitties!
  13. Phoebe's coat is so shiny! They're all beautiful.

    For cat people: I saw a magnet that said "In ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped as gods and they've never forgotten".
  14. Oh, those are cute! Phoebe does have one of those shaggy pillows which she lays on when Beaver is not laying on it. But, no little bitty pillows. I'll bet she would (or the others) would love one! I could even put one in Mao's basket.