for pfers in uk

  1. there are few bags in selfridges oxford street---box in ink and lilac and grey twiggy in s/s collection .
    the price is reduced by 10%
  2. Thanks for posting that info! I was just at oxford street this morning but didn't go into Selfridges..doh! Do you think it might be reduced again??
  3. yes because i just got it today ask for edith sa in balenciaga and tell her i said my name is dorothy
  4. ooooooooooooooh. I want the ink box! Thanks for that, I shall head over this evening.
  5. do let me know if u see it irl tell me how the twiggy is because i had to order it in as i live in northwest--i ordered the ink box they still have one remaining i think that is what she said

  6. want company? :graucho:
  7. Actually, I am madly holding on the phone at the moment ( gulp, and i'm at work) waiting for the guy to locate the ink box!
  8. ask for edith she knows where it is and tell me if u get it :drool: :drool:
  9. hahaha :biggrin: i'll come pick it up with you :lol:

    and then we can have some drinks to soften the blow :graucho:
  10. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. They are holding the bag for me until I can dash down there after work. I hope they don't accidentally sell it before then (i've had that happen). We can meet if you like Annanas, but I can't stay too long as have father to deal with at the moment. I should be there around 6.15pm.

    And thank you, unmanikam! I did ask for edith but she wasn't available. However, if I see her I shall certainly mention you to her, and I will look out for the grey twiggy.
  11. WHAT happened ???????/
  12. oh thats good do tell me when u get it in ur hands ok
  13. oooooh yay! i'll meet you by the bags :graucho:
  14. my name is dorothy so dont tell her um....she will ask who?????
  15. Not to worry, I will say Dorothy! Oh my goodness, I think I've given myself a headache from the stress and excitment. My heart is racing! *deep breaths*

    Okay, Annanas - it's a date!