For people with gray b-bags

  1. Hello. I've been totally in love and wanting to get a cornflower blue B bag, but lately I've been thinking that maybe I should get a more neutral color, like gray. I currently have a skyblue day bag, so maybe gray would be a better (different) color to add to my small collection. For people who have gray b you love it? does it match well with things? is it too dark for summer? feel free to post a picture or your gray b bag!:P

    thank you!
  2. Im sorry Im not a gray owner, but when it comes between cornflower and gray, I say cornflower hands down.
  3. yea, that's what i'm thinking. maybe i SHOULD get the cornflower! i'm so indecisive I can't stand myself!!!!!!!!
  4. I dont know, I saw Gray the other day and it was pretty hot!!
  5. I have a grey from prefall '05 and I love it. It matches with everything. It is a bit darker than the current grey so maybe less of a summer bag but I will still carry it.
  6. i've gotta grey b-bag day/hobo & i love, love, love it :love:
  7. I have the 2004 S/S Gray, and it is THE HOTTEST bag!!! I absolutely LOVE it!
  8. i dont own any grey b-bags... YET! but i quite like the grey that is out at the moment... its really growing on me - just like the INK!
  9. the grey that i've seen had excellent thick, yummy leather. for some reason the leather looked much better than the cornflower.
  10. i love the grey, it's a perfect neutral, goes well with almost everything, and definitely an all seasons color
  11. I have a gray Purse from 2005 and love it, but I wear a lot of black, so it plays nicely off the black. I'm not a blue person, so I would vote for gray, but I think probably the Cornflower will turn out to be more popular.
  12. Actually I have both color, and I like both of them. I think grey bag more versatile, it's easier to match it with any outfit. Cornflower blue looks great mostly with jeans.
  13. i prefer the grey!! sky blue is kind of close to cornflower (although cornflower IS much much more neutral!) and if you are looking for variety... go with grey (i prefer 05 grey to 06 grey though)
  14. I have the grey fall 05 and love it,:heart: I don't think it is too dark for summer at all..Heres a pic!
  15. I have a 2005 grey first. My boyfriend hates it but I love it! :smile: It goes well with almost anything.