For people with DOGS


Nov 1, 2006
Sorry, but I copied this from the front page of :shrugs: but it was too good to pass up!!!

For anybody who has a dog (like me!:yes: ) has "Buy 1 Get 1 FREE" single wrapped Greenies for dogs. The Teenie and Petite Greenies are $.87 each (cheapest individually wrapped Greenies). The Jumbo Greenies are $5.37 each.

1. Add 35 Teenie or Petite Greenies to your cart.
2. It'll ask if you want to add any other Greenies.
3. Choose 35 Jumbo Greenies. When you add 35 of each to your cart, Petco deducts the cost of the JUMBO Greenies ($187.95!), making the total just $21.85 (plus tax)
4. After, you apply the pbc2006 coupon code for $9.95 off off shipping and use Google checkout $10 off $30!

For those of you who don't know, the Jumbo Greenies usually cost about $14-$16 for a FOUR pack.
Sep 22, 2006
You know I thought these things were awesome too....until I realized my dog was swallowing them in huge chunks so they were banned from my house. I think it just depends on your dog. But that is a really cheap price so thank you for sharing :smile:


Happy Momma!
Aug 31, 2006
I can't get it to work! All of the large sizes are sold out, and when I add the small free ones to my basket they don't come up for free!