for people with blueberry b bags

  1. Hello everyone. Just wondering if you guys can do me a huge favor and take pictures of the blueberry bag in different lighting. Cause the ones I've seen seem to "pop" and be almost royal blue...I kinda want a black-blue. Also does it seem to change color like the Ink? So that it's much darker indoors than in the sun? THANKS!!!!! :flowers:
  2. didi, i dont own a blueberry, but it is nor blackblue. it is royal blue. i have seen alot of shapes and sizes in this color. it is much more brilliant than the ink, even without bright lights. hope this helps...:heart:
  3. thanks caussurewhore. yea, i am looking for a darker color that is more subtle, so I guess the ink is still the one for me? i do have the ink shrug and LOVE IT. would it be strange to have ink in 2 styles?
  4. Absolutely not - but then you are talking to a gal with 2 rouille styles and contemplating a THIRD!!
  5. omg shoegal! i saw rouille at Barneys and the color is GORGEOUS in person. if you ever want to let one go......
  6. didi78 - are you more familiar with Indigo? At least one person thought Blueberry looks almost identical to Indigo in a side-by-side comparison.
  7. absolutely not! i have 2 bubblegum pinks, 2 sky blues, 2 white, 2 blacks, i gotta stop counting........very scary...........:heart: the blueberry is not as chamelon-like as ink. get what u like.
  8. haha, thanks! haha. yea, there was a fake indigo that i was gonna bid for. =( that seems a little more subtle than the blueberry right?
  9. I think Chaussurewhore is right on about the color. I have a blueberry city and even though it is dark, I would never describe it as a 'blue-black'. The ink is much darker than the blueberry (though IMO, the inhk is more of a purple-black, whereas the blueberry is a rich, vibrant royal blue). The colors are really different side-by-side, even at night, I would think. I don't have an ink, but it seems that it could almost look black at night. I don't think the blueberry could ever be confused with black.

    There are quite a number of women on this forum who have multiple bags in the same color, so if you really love the ink and need it in a couple of different sizes, then go for it!!
  10. LOL, chaus!! :lol: :lol:

    Didi, there are a couple of comparison pics of the blueberry and ink in this thread:

    I agree with the others - there's nothing wrong with owning 2 bags of the same color. What style ink were you thinking about??
  11. i agree with chaussure, if you want a dark blue, chameleon-like bag, you should go for another ink :yes:...the blueberry's scrictly a royal blue & i don't think it changes in different settings...and i also don't think it's crazy to have 2 of the same color!!!
  12. hmmmm, maybe i'll make an offer for the ink city that's on ebay right now, and charge it on my credit card! haha.
  13. yippy, that would be great didi-girl, i'm so excited for you!!!
  14. wishful thinking, i'm broke!