for people who wear glasses..

  1. i've decided that contacts aren't working for me every single day, and decided to pick up a pair of glasses i can switch back and forth with some days of the week. what do you guys wear? just regular glasses that get the job done, designer glasses? rimless/plastic/metal? do you have a limit on cost?
  2. hey ya
    ive got contacts and glasses... i go through stages on wearing my glasses and contacts... like, sometimes for weeks i'll wear my glasses and then i'll change and wear my contacts... my glasses are Dolce and Gabbana... metal... kinda a dark purple.... i quite like them, but they're getting abit old... time to up grade after i buy all my dream bags! hehehe
  3. I have 2 glasses. One (CK) for everyday wear & a Chanel for when I want to go out & don't want to put on my contacts. I usually put on my contacts though because I don't really like myself wearing glasses.

    My Chanel glasses are black rim, very cute.
  4. I love my contacts, but I have a pair of Ralph Lauren glasses that I love-they have thick black frames. My boyfriend calls them my Lisa Loeb glasses. They were around $200-300-ish without the lenses, I don't think I would more than that because I only wear them about once a month.
  5. cute glasses girls!!
  6. i have Burberry eye glasses with metal rims..
  7. I wear mine everyday...too much time in the morning for contacts lol
    I have a pair of wire rim glasses.
    In the past I've owned Gucci, Versace, etc.
    I really don't think of my glasses as accessories...I buy whatever will go with everything I wear!
    I usually spend around 300-500 on a complete pair....but onyl buy new ones about every 18 months.
  8. I wear chanels
  9. I only wear contacts when I go out & I use daily's. Otherwise I have a pair of framless Yves Saint Lauren pair of glasses which I love but they got dirty really easily & I just bought a new pair by Vivenne Westwood.
  10. I always manage to pick the most expensive of everything so I knew I would end up with designer glasses. The ones I chose are by Paul Smith. The most important part of picking out glasses is whether they look good on you or not, it doesn't matter what brand they are if they look bad on you.
  11. My huge sunglasses are by Cazal - They cost $500.00 but they are gorgeous and I wouldn't be without them - my regular glasses are by Prada and they have a very light blue tint which makes all the difference in the world - I would never consider contacts - but that's just me.
  12. I stopped wearing contacts because my eyes couldn't take wearing them for more than a couple hours. I've been wearing deadstock vintage frames because they're beautiful and unique, and the frame shapes look good on me. But the plastic from 50 years ago, even if never worn, is more fragile compared to what's available now, so I do have to take good care of them.

    My Chanel SA has some really cute, vintage-looking frames so I might consider those if I need a new pair.
  13. I stop wearing contacts now due to studying. It's just more convenient for me to switch to glasses. Mine is a Fendi glasses with black and cold metal frames. :love: I originally wanted something cheaper but only this Fendi one can fit the thick lenses. :rolleyes: I'm so blind... :angel: