? for owners of the North/South patent tote

  1. The bag I am referring to is the quilted patent leather North/South tote (I think that's what it's called!) Can anyone tell me how heavy it is? Same as a Venetia (with suede lining), or lighter? Can it be carried comfortably on the shoulder? DOes it lie flat?

    Thanks much!:heart:
  2. ^ I just bought the N/S tote in non-patent leather and it isn't heavy at all. I absolutely love it and its comfy on the shoulders with the wide straps and yes, it lies flat. :smile: Oh, the lining for mine is canvas though. I got mine off Purse Store so I'm not sure if the MJ boutique carries it in the suede lining instead. HTH!
  3. I didn't know you found one weN84, congrats!
  4. ^ Thanks, thithi. I haven't posted pics yet because my cam died on me.