? for owners of Conte De Fees Musette?

  1. I would LOVE to see what it looks like on. Can some one post a pic of themself wearing it?:graucho: Does it fit a lot (everyday stuff)? Thank you in advance.:flowers:
  2. I think Jill has it..
  3. I'd assume it fits like the Perfo one and if so, it fits a LOT. I have the ad for that bag as my desktop picture, which I attached, if it'll help any.
  4. The one pictured in the ad, was that a really rare one because I have never seen it?
  5. [​IMG]


    this is from the runway show from back then, hope that helps..
  6. Thank you so much, everyone! I was looking at the black satin ones. Are they smaller than the ones posted?
  7. I know that for the gray one, they have a larger size (the beggar's bag as pictured in the earlier post) a smaller one (tango size) that I have and an even smaller one (approx pochette cite size). I'm not sure if the black satin came in the biggest size but I know it came in the last 2 sizes. I have also taken some pics of me and my bag with the strap in the longest and shortest possible styles. I hope this helps LV_addict! I'm glad to be able to return the favor after all your pictures! :smile:
    conte.jpg conte2.jpg conte3.jpg conte4.jpg
  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!:yahoo:The black one that I am talking about is tango. Some one I know wants to get rid of hers and I was kind of on the fence about it but after seeing your pics I think I am going to get it!!!:nuts: It seems large enough for all the goodies I need to carry with me.:graucho:
  9. YES!!! That's the one! Thank you, Rebecca!!!:flowers:
  10. You're welcome!
    Hope you get it :smile:
  11. [Blvbabydoll][/B] and Khoipond89 is the beggars, very rare one. mas2388 is the mussette and the smallest one is pochette.
    it is such a cute bag, i'm also thinking of getting the black one, or as they called it "night" and the grey one as "day"
  12. The musette from the ad is much bigger than the one on ebay. The black satin one has a long removable strap. I like the fact that there are all "the louis vuitton hit" in a patchwork, graffiti, vernis, damier sauvage.
  13. i adore this line, and hope to snag a beggars bag one day soon. can't wait to see pics of you with the bag!
  14. i wish they had it in speedy. don't u think it's cool???