? For Owners of Both Speedy 25 & 30

  1. I need some advice from those of you with experience. I am waffling between getting the Speedy 25 or the 30 and I just can't decide. If you own both, which do you prefer and why - which one do you grab for the most? I know the price difference is not great, however the size, although the measurements differ only a few inches, seems huge. Please help!
  2. I have a mono 30 and an epi 25. I definitely prefer the 30. It holds more and it's much easier to get in and out of because the opening is bigger. And I think, on the whole, the 30 size looks best on most people.
  3. I've been checking out the pictures posted here and there on the board and the 25 does kinda look small. It is so funny because there is only a couple of inches difference. I guess it's all in the shape of the bag.
  4. I only have the 25, but if I had to do it again.. I would probably buy the 30. Something about the classic-ness of that size.. plus, like Baglover said, easier to get in and out of and holds more.. I say go for the 30!
  5. Well, in that old picture of Audrey Hepburn - is that the 30 - or something close to that size? It looks perfectly sized, but naturally anything related to her looks perfect!
  6. I don't know, I have two 25s and they seem huge to me! They hold way more than I'd ever need to put in them. Plus, I like the smaller shape as it seems more elegant (at least for what I use them for, which is mainly as weekend or going-out bags).

    Me with my mono speedy:

  7. I have them all and prefer 30 over 25. The 25 is just a bit small for me and I really like the slouch/sag of the 30 when it's filled. That's just me though:cutesy:.
  8. Everyone has a good argument - (I'm so confused!). Although I would love to order off of elux site and use my mrrebates, I know I"ll be better off driving down to the store and trying them out.
  9. princess_eab, your speedy looks great on you!

    It's definitely a personal preference. Depends on how much you carry and what size bags you prefer. If you can, definitely go to a boutique and try them both on. You can always try them on at the store, and then order on elux.
  10. I was looking at the LV site and on the page with Steffi Graff there is a Speedy on the table and I thought - THAT'S IT!-That's the bag for me. I counted the "LV's" on the bag and it's a 30. Still, the 25 looks cute on so many people. I appreciate all your input!
  11. i recently just bought a bordeaux mirage which is a 30, and there are some difference because that bag is structured vs. a damier or mono which is not and will sag. it depends on how much you carry. i have a 25 which def. has enough room to carry my stuff and i actually think the 30 is a lil big for me, but the mirage only came in that size and i had to have. how tall are you? some of the taller girls prefer to have the larger bags. but like you said it's matter of personal preference.
  12. 5'7", 125 lb. This summer I picked up the speedy-style Coach bag and it is actually a little bigger than the 30 and I really like that bag. I like that it is structured and it doesn't sag. However, I do carry a ton of stuff, so that would eliminate the some of the sagginess, probably.
  13. Sounds to me that you would like the 30 better. You can put something in the bottom so it won't sag (a magazine, folder, piece of cardboard).
  14. Even carrying a ton of stuff in the 30 won't eliminate the sag. I love the 30 and I'm 5'9" 165, but I also have the 25 in the Cerises. I think it looks fine too, but is harder to get in and out of.
  15. I have the Cerises (which is a 25) and the Damier and Mono 30's and actually prefer the 30's. I'm 5'2 but really don't think the size is overpowering at all. Actually, at first I was convinced I wanted a Damier 25 when it came out, but my mom convinced me to go with the 30 because it wasn't much more expensive; and I'm glad I took her advice, it's perfect for me. Granted, I have a lot of extra room in it but I feel more comfortable with that size.