For our German speaking tPFers: KEINOHRHASEN

  1. I went and saw this movie last night, and it was absolutely fantastic!!! We made the mistake of waiting until yesterday at 2pm to reserve the tickets - and the whole theater was already reserved!!!! :wtf: So I kept refreshing the page to see if there were any cancelations, and finally after 20 minutes a love seat opened up and I called in to make sure that I could get the seat.

    The movie was absolutely fantastic - a very good story line with scenes in it that will make you laugh to the point of peeing your pants and scenes that will break your heart :cry: People even clapped when the movie was over!! :nuts: Every seat in the theater was taken - over 450!!

    I'd definitely recommend this movie! I can't wait until it comes out on DVD !! :yahoo:

    Movie website:
  2. I saw a preview for this movie when I went to see the "Golden Compass" in Austria.
  3. Anybody else go see this movie?
  4. My DH is from Germany. Thanks for the recommendation - he will love it!