For our "blingy" chanel lovers: Chanel 12P Sparkle Beauty Bag

  1. Some more images of the 12A mirror reissue! In size 224, the mini reissue.....
    image-2911317367.jpg image-2136642058.jpg image-1231933693.jpg image-1918578550.jpg
  2. :yahoo:here's the latest BLING BLING BLING from 12A

    first bag is black swarovski stones SHW @ $14,000:graucho:
    (oh my goodness, I thought $10,000 was bad enough!)

    second is a navy sequin bag @ $3400

    both pictures borrowed from TPF authentic finds thread:smile:
    black swarovski bag.jpg sequin bag.jpg
  3. I'm afraid that one day that tiny mirror will be rubbed off. Is that possible?
  4. :coolpics:
  5. I don't think so vink, it's actually a coating that feels like paint applied over leather. Probably quite durable, at least in short term. I contemplated this one, but decided not to purchase. I think it's a hard one for SA to get moving. I actually have not seen any reveals of this one either....
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    Just to update our blingy Chanel lovers here are two 12A versions that meet my thread qualifications! I simply adore bling :smile:
    First the 12A WOC in blue priced at $4300. Honestly I was very curious to see how Chanel could price a WOC for $4300 when Sparkle beauty bag I bought was $10,000, but I am relieved there really is no comparison ;), sigh of relief!
    Second is the 12A Pearly Beauty @ $9700
    3rd pic is my silver sparkle beauty at $10,000!
    image-3680165090.jpg image-3958574125.jpg image-3994372219.jpg
  7. Wow those are beautiful! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  8. thanks for the blingy pics!!;) I've been ever so curious over the sparkly woc but this one unfortunately is a dud (just my opinion though). I tried on the sequin flap ($3,400 one) and thought it looked nice, but of course your sparkling beauty takes the cake, there's just no comparison.

  9. Yours is by far the nicest!
  10. aren't they just mind blowing:cool:
  11. i took a look at the sequin flap too and for the price I think it is a good blingy option....but I graciously accept your nomination for the best dressed blingy bag:p
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    thank you G&Smommy, it is a special one, but sometimes I do feel really guilty having spent 10K on a single bag that is an occasional use bag....but trying to use it as often as reasonably possible. Wore it to the city with blue jeans and a black t-shirt and CL heels friday night and JUST THIS BAG.....kept everything else to a minimum :smile:
  13. just think of it as a very special piece of wearable art!!;). The sequin flap is quite nice for the price point...
  14. I think it would look amazing with jeans and t-shirt! I would think of it as a piece of jewelry. The ultimate accessory to dress up any outfit!
  15. I agree! Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cool: