For our "blingy" chanel lovers: Chanel 12P Sparkle Beauty Bag

  1. I love the size too! its not cross body though :sad:
    And like you said I can find lots of swarovski bags in white (judith leiber etc for 1/3 the cost).....So i'm not sure yet. I do like the new blue one but I think the color will be limiting.....and there's a blue metallic fonce WOC arriving for me tomorrow so let me check that out.
    Did CC hardware stand out on white crystal?
    What are your thoughts? What are AB swaroski?
    I do love your pink bag!
  2. You should def look at the dice bag before committing to the blue....and find me your glitter bag that I'm in love with!
  3. WOWZERS. I wonder how long these took to make!!
  4. so pretty--which size is yours?

    i wonder how big the medium sized version it like a medium classic flap?
  5. I have the Vegas dice bag


    Yes the medium is a like classic m/l size bag and is priced @$18,000.00. It is breathtaking but quite a small fortune!
  6. this is amazing!! i am so happy chanel finally got their act together and offered more colors and multiple sizes, not just the teensy tiny ones :yahoo: but the pricing... it is painful! considering the amount of time it would take to crystallize one and the additional cost of the crystals, the markup is insane.

    sigh, that doesn't make me want them less though :love:

    congratulations to everyone who snatched these up!! :hugs:
  7. zOmg thats pretty.

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  8. Take a picture and post it!

    Yeah the CC did stand out, but typically you wouldn't look at the hardware because the sparkles just takes all the attention!

    You are right about that, but Judith Leiber ones are SO SMALL! Plus they are hard, so you can't really fit anything at all into it.

    There are regular silver crystals, which just reflects silver. Then there is the AB color, which is still a silverish white color, but it reflects all sorts of color in the light! I took a course on crystalizing, so they taught me all about the colors sizes and so on.

    That's AB color! I don't know if you can see it here, but it's obvious if you see the both in person,r:24,s:0

  9. I saw it at the store! but it's a little to small for me =( I want get one that I can use daily!

    I'll keep an eye out for you! =) I'll let you know if I see one or something similar.

    Did you like the bags that Chanel came out with (I think last SS?) that was pearly color with colored large crystals on the CC hardware?
  10. Mine is the smallest one.

    The bigger(est) size is I think smaller than the medium classic slightly? It's about there though. Which causes the price to go up SIGNIFICANTLY haha

  11. No! Was it in the box? Or separate? The nice SA did give me the black glittery flowers in the display box though! I'm going to turn it into a brooch and put it on my Chanel pull over shirt! I'm also crystalizing the white one that they use to wrap the bags with and turning it into a brooch too =)
  12. Congratulations! This is one of the prettiest. This definitely more worth than a Valentino dress! Kudos to you!:tup: I like the Blue too. I think it should be fine with prolonged usage.
  13. Yeah dice bag is not an everyday bag at all. Color is too light and charms are too much for day running around :smile:

    Yes do keep me posted on your fabric beauty! Send me pics of the one you are talking about from from last year....I think I remember it in a yellow mini but not pearly ?
  14. wow, they are super bling...