? for noshoepolish or an SA

  1. How can I buy a replacement dogleash clip for a large ergo tote? noshoepolish - I thought I'd seen you mention somewhere that you have a source for Coach hardware.
  2. if yours is broken just take the bag back to Coach. They can repair it for you (i was a SA up until just recently when i moved cross country and I haven't started working there again yet)
  3. It's not eligible for a repair, that's why I was asking how to buy one. :smile: Thanks though.
  4. ah, ok. Well, I've looked into trying to order straps and such, but i've never been able to do anything like that. As far as I'm aware, the small parts (besides perhaps a hang tag) are not available to be ordered :sad:. However, I could be mistaken. Sorry i couldn't be of more help.
  5. oh, one more thing. when did you buy the bag? is it the new Ergo, or is it an older version? Have you gone to Coach to talk to anyone about it? If it's a new one, they might just replace it for you, and in the past I've seen managers give discounts (about 40%) for a replacement bag on an item that can't be repaired. The major exception to this would be if the bag is very old. Coach does really stand by their product and they will do all they can to make you happy.
  6. It's brand new, but from an outlet. Major discount because the dogleash clip was missing. I was told I'd be able to buy another to replace it, but so far haven't figured out how to.
  7. Hm...someone on the recommended eBay seller list specializes in hardware I think....can't remember who....
  8. is it the D-ring or the clip itself. If its the clip you can buy a charm and take that part off of it and then where it loops at the bottom sew it onto the strap part. That probably really didnt make sense, but it did in my head.
  9. Thanks everyone, and yes Cindy it does make sense. I was trying to get the "official" dogleash closure for it. I didnt know of the charm ones would be "exact". I'm type A that way LOL.
  10. Mokoni answered with the same answer I would have given.

    I would call Coach and see if you can pay for the part &/or repair.
  11. If silver-coach doesn't have it, ask them if they have a source for one.
  12. I bought the bag "as-is", so I thought they wouldn't do that. But, if the eBay source doesn't have it, I'll call to ask.

    Thanks everyone for your help!!
  13. Maybe they will send you the part then you can pay to have a cobbler fix it?
  14. call coach directly....they prolly can help...