For nonAmericans - how much do you pack for a trip?

  1. I think most Americans tend to overpack for a trip, so I'm going to ask the people from the other side of the pond... when you are going somewhere for like 10 days, how much do you pack? I'm packing up DH's stuff right now for his trip and I KNOW his mom will say he's taking too much. He COULD take less, but why? This way he'll have what he needs and not have to worry about being without something.

    When my MIL travels, she expects to be able to use her friend's washing machine to do laundry (if she is going home lets say), but otherwise, she just brings a detergent with her and handwashes her clothes every few days. So, for a 2-4 week trip, she would bring 3-5 pairs of underwear, a couple of T-shirts, two shirts and two pants, if winter, a sweater, a spare pair of shoes (dressier usually) and then her HUGE supply of creams and makeup,etc.

    DH is going and bring enough t-shirts and underwear for the trip, a spare pair of shoes, 4 pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, 3-4 shirts of varying weights, a sweater and then things like gifts, camera, PDA, etc. This seems normal to me, but is that AMERICAN version of normal? Maybe some people don't have underwear for 2 weeks! LOL (I know in poorer countries that's probably a super luxury).

    I'm just really curious!
  2. haha that´s a funny question, and I think it varies more from individuals than from countries ! Of course I pack a lot more in variety when I am going where it´s hot, bc tshirts don´t take much space compared to big sweaters !!
    I take enough underwear for 2 weeks, 1 extra pair of shoes. Enough clothes for dressy or casual events, my make up, and samples of products for the rest.
    What you pack seems normal to me !
  3. my mother always tells me i pack way too much, but i don't pack much more for two weeks than for one (since there's always a washing machine somewhere). the only time i take loads is if there are special occasions of some sort that require completely separate outfits. i don't really count, but i do usually take as many pairs of underwear as the number of days, and everything usually fits into a 22" tumi wheelie.
  4. That's what I figured. My MIL thinks it's more of a hassle to carry a larger suitcase than to wash undewear and socks every few days! And she even HIRES someone to carry her luggage since she has osteoperosis and can't.

    When we've travelled to where there is family, we wash our clothes there (if it's for a long trip), but DH will be in a hotel this time. It's only the underclothes that he needs daily. He can wear his pants and shirts several times before they get icky. lol
  5. i sometimes take advantage of being in a hotel to get dry cleaning done :shame: i was ecstatic when we went to germany and the dry cleaning in the hotel (the hyatt) was cheaper than our regular dry cleaner in london :roflmfao: i had EVERYTHING done :shame:
  6. I just take a carry-on and have stuff washed (I'm a US person, btw). Typically on business trips it's *free* but I don't abuse it. For personal travel I pack *smart*. Solid wash tabs help as well

    As rule after my last lost (permanently) bag I don't check.
  7. Hi there!
    I pack pretty light for trips - but I don't think that's got anything to do with me being Australian.

    For a week long trip - I'd probably take 1 pair of jeans, 3 tops, 3 dresses, 1 cardigan, 3 pairs of underwear and 1 coat to carry on. I tend to wash my underwear every night. (not sure if that's too much information). I take toiletries in travel sizes, makeup that can fit in my handbag, a pair of flip flops, and a pair of dressy flats for day and night events. This usually all fits into a small duffle.

    My room mate on the other hand takes her life with her. For the same trip, she'll take 10 pairs of underwear, 5 dresses, 3 jeans, special lingerie pyjamas, 10+ tops, full size hairdryer, multiple sweaters, her entire make up bag, 2-3 pairs of shoes, etc..
  8. I tend to pack alot but since I dont know how much americans averagely pack, IDK if I pack alot or not compared to them. I usually pack lots of clothes, I sometimes have to use two suitcases because I take so many clothes and dont end up wearing them LOL.
  9. i dunno. i always pack enough clothes for every day i am gone and then some optional choices in case i suddenly hate everything i brought
  10. See, my MIL made it out to be that it was ALL europeans travel light and Americans are these notorious overpackers. Seems it's just an individual thing.

    We can pack ultra light when we need to. almost 2 years ago we took a trip to Croatia and Italy. In Italy we would rent a small car and drive for a few days (in tuscany). Otherwise we took trains everywhere. This was the two adults, a 9 year old and a 10 month old baby. We had a stroller, a couple backpacks and two small rolling carry-on pieces for the three weeks for all four of us and it was fine. We did our laundry halfway through the trip in Croatia and went from there. Oh, and it was March/April, so not summer clothes either.

    But, there have been times we took two FULL big suitcases when gone for 3 weeks for a family of four. We would just rather have the stuff we need than buy it later. Of course, when we pack heavy, we don't plan to be moving our stuff every day either, but to get somewhere and "plop" for three weeks.

    MIL takes almost NOTHING when she travels.. I'm sorry, I just cannot IMAGINE handwashing my underwear and my family's underwear every night. They take up so little room in the suitcase!!!
  11. I'm Canadian but I always overpack. I never know how much to bring plus i always but tons of clothes wherever i go.
  12. I'm Canadian...but a 3 day trip results in an oversized suitcase packed to the brim and a spare one to bring back shopping items! Yea....I way overpack!!! I also usually go over the weight limit too! But I'm one of those weirdos who can't let something touch my skin for more than 1 day otherwise it has to be washed! I'm strange....I know!
  13. I don't think people who can't afford underwear for 2 weeks spends too much time and money traveling :p

    When I go away I usually try to leave room for new stuff that I'll buy. My dad has this strategy of bringing as little as possible and buying whatever he needs in stead, but I'm too afraid to be stuck with "nothing to wear" so I'll always stuff a big suitcase full and then stuff an extra bag or two at the bottom of the suitcase to fit whatever new stuff I buy. When I went to the US for 4 weeks I went with a huge suitcase and came home with the suitcase and three gigantic bags, plus a carry on bag to take with me on the plane. I also carried a pair of boots in a plastic bag onboard the plane and wore another pair of boots (in spite of it being summer) because I couldn't fit it in my baggage :p When I go away on weekend trips I use a slightly smaller bag than I do otherwise, but I always end up stuffing it full, so an extra bag is always welcome :p
  14. I can really pack lightly if I need to. I spent six weeks one summer shuttling between my sick father in Chicago, pregnant daughter in Philadelphia and my new house in Atlanta (husband's job transfer). I had p.j's , some underwear, a couple of t-shirts, one pair of jeans and some track pants, flip flops and gym shoes. It was pretty bad and I got sick of wearing the same stuff but was sleeping on a couch, schlepping to the hospital, etc. It made me realize that I could really do with very little. However, on most trips I overpack and still don't have the right stuff with me, it seems. After encountering snow on a flyfishing trip in South Dakota in June one year I now bring long underwear on almost every trip. Hey, you never know.
  15. I overpack but not too badly I've gotten better over the years lol

    But on the underwear issue I always take more than I need,