for newcomers @ revolveclothing only!!!

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  1. 30% off @ revolve clothing Only if you don't already have an account @ revolve clothing through this link!!! This coupon is one-time use for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY and expires in 2 years!!! I already have an account so I can't use but maybe someone can
  2. Thanks! that's great!:nuts:
  3. Wow, thank you!
  4. Thanks! I love that its good for two years! not that I'll need that long! haha
  5. great. thanks a lot!
  6. Thanks for the post--they have some great stuff!
  7. Thank you! I'm thinking of nabbing a pair of Siwy jeans!! :biggrin:
  8. I already have an account there and I just love to shop there. I live in Germany and every order I placed was with me within a week with free shipping and without custom fees. I adore the Paige jeans which are hugely expensive here (249€, ca. 350$) so I buy them in the US at revolve.
  9. thanks! i could definitely use this. :smile:
  10. afspencer01 ....thanks!! great!great!great!
  11. wish i could use that coupon everytime
    do they really find out if you sign up using a different email but same address?

    i realized this isn't as good as the normal link to get 30% off
    this one is good but excludes true religion :sad:
  12. ^^^ yup, the system automatically detects similar data in the system and wont allow the discount to be applied. I already tryed using my CC info with my address and it wont let me because my sister has already placed an order with them a few months ago...which is totally unfair...same last name, same address but two different CCs and two different i had to change my billing address/shipping address to my parents house and am waiting for the change of address to go through so i can order some stuff.

  13. darn it
    i thought i'd get off if i used a different CC and different shipping address
    but my billing address is the same for both CCs...hmmmmMMMM
    what else can i try. i guess i'll need to persuade friends to buy from them hehe