For New Yorkes...Longchamp Sale!!

  1. For anyone living in the New York area...Long Island to be more specific. Sands Point Shop/Magnums is having a pretty big Longchamp sale at their store!! I was there the other day and they had pliages on sale like 20% and some were 30% and older colors were 40%!! I snagged a 2605 in black 115 - 20%= $92!! Plus tax of course. Can't beat that price! They had other styles too, not only the pliages on sale. I can't wait to go back!!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    The address is 15 Main street, Port Washington NY 11050. It's the same people from, it's just their actual store front. I asked them about the sale being online, and they said they already had one so I guess the store sales and the internet sales dates are different.