For New LV Lovers: Staple LV Items

  1. With new people coming and asking about which products they should purchase I thought it might be cool to make a list of what you think are the staple (principal) items on LV. Basically items everyone should own and maybe a good start for new LV LOVERS!

    IMO I would say everyone should own:

    1. Mono Speedy in 25 or 30 (I had a 30 and granted I gave mine away a LONG time ago I still feel if you are going to have only one LV this is the bag to own!)

    2. Mono PTI wallet (it's so versatile and can carry your checkbook- which I LOVE)

    What do you guys think?
  2. I agree!
    For a shoulder bag I would recommend the Batignolles Horizontal or Vertical as a must-have!
    I also think every LV lover needs small accessory and a cles is perfect!
  3. Well I am a new LV collector and these are some of the things I have bought and I think are staples -

    Mono Speedy
    Wallet (pochette for me)
    Pochette accessories
    Small ring agenda
    And then you need an LV Mono shoulder bag
  4. its so true! i think a cles is a very vital part of a new collection!
    and i think any speedy in general is a good start to collecting lv
  5. my first and only (for now) LV is a speedy 30. i say this is definitely a must have item.
  6. Yea, speedy for me too... Also a wallet though I have yet to decide which but I do agree lots of people recommend PTI.
  7. Totally agree 100%, a nice should bag would be nice too.
    Perhaps Cabas Piano or Popincourt Haut/ Batignolles H or v
  8. speedy..for sure
  9. Mono Speedy 30
    Mono Pouchette Accessoire
    PTI Wallet
    Popincourt Haut (nice shoulder bag)
    Mono Cles

    These are the basics that every girl must have...everything after this is gravy!!!!!!
  10. OK, here is my thought:

    one handheld bag-speedy
    one medium size shoulder bag-Cabas Piano or Popincourt Haut/ Batignolles H or v
    one small size shoulder bag-Tikal pm
    one wallet-frech wallet, PTI or pochette
    A couple of cles
    one pochette accessories
  11. LV Staples/Classics
    • Speedy 25/30
    • Alma
    • Petit Bucket
    • Petit/regular Noe
    • Pochette Accessoires
    • Cabas Piano
    • Mini Looping
    • PTI
    • French Purse
    • Cles
  12. Mono Speedy
    Mono Pochette Accessoires
  13. Ohh Those are some good suggestions! I can't believe I didn't think about the cles! OMG I LOVE MINE TO DEATH!
  14. I think that everyone should own at least one mono, one epi and one damier piece.

    Within that, a speedy is a must as is a shoulder bag (bh, cabas piano, PH or noe). Then, depending on the person and their style, either a papillon/soufflot or an Alma.
  15. Great thread, ladies!!!:love: