For Neiman's, do you get to keep your gift with purchase if you return?

  1. Recently, Neimans had a gift bag with purchase if you spend over $450. My question is, I need to return an item since I changed my mind, but would I need to return my gift bag as well? Has anyone ever experienced this? It was an online purchase and I plan on making the return in-store. Would customer service ask "where is the gift bag?"

    I'm kind of scared that they'll ask when I return my purchase without giving back the gift bag. Should I just return the gift bag too and save myself the worries?
  2. I'd call & ask or just try to return it. I doubt they'd care since they cancelled an order I placed using codes for a card case, chocolates & candle.... then sent me all the free gifts anyway.
  3. I had the same situation recently. They did not ask for the free gift, even though it was listed on the invoice. Maybe it depends on the person processing the return?
  4. I did that before and i usually tell them up front "btw i got a gift with purchase for this item but i already opened it and used some of i still need to return it" and usually the sales always tell me its ok i dont need to give the gift back to them. I dont think they have use for it anyways after the event.
  5. I just made a return last Sat at Beverly Hills NM. I purchased two items plus 3 free gifts online and returned one item.
    The customer service gentleman didn't ask me about the free gift but he did need to call .com service rep to verify the return. when he called, I didn't hear about anything about returning the free gift. So it should be no problem.:nogood:
  6. Same here. They have never asked for the gift back when I returned the items in the beauty department.
  7. Saks and NM doesn't ask for the gift back but Nordies does! I got 2 lancome gwp last month and returned both items. They wouldn't give me my money back cuz I didn't have the gift with me. They made me pick out 2 new items cuz they won't even give me a Nordies GC! They said even exchanges only. BOOO...
  8. Neiman's asked for mine back when I did an online return.
  9. great help you guys, it seems that I may not need to return, but I'll bring it with me, just in case.

    girlsgotoshop - what happened when they asked? did you have it with you?