For My Speedy And Something Extra...

  1. I've seen some PFers tie scrafs around their bags, and it is so cute. You guys have inspired me to go get a scarf for my Speedy, she's been feeling neglected lately since Ms. Mizi arrived. :P So I decided to buy her a treat, a Fleur de Porcelaine Bandeau! And for myself, a MC Addresse bracelet. :heart:

  2. So cute!!! :biggrin:
  3. very prettty!!
  4. Congrats!! I actually picked up that red bandeau the other day!
    I've had the blue one sitting in my elux cart forever, but when I saw the red it was LOVE.
    It's so pretty and the cutest way to brighten up a Speedy :smile:

    Very cute bracelet too :yes:
  5. Thanks everyone! I'm in love with the bandeau on my Speedy.

    sratsey: I know what you mean. My SA and I tied the blue one and the red one to the display Speedy, and we both agreed that the red one goes better with the mono. It makes it brighter and fun!
  6. You guys made the right choice in color like the SA said. Red just makes the speedy pop!
  7. I love your new items. I have been eyeing that same bandeau myself.:love:
  8. Beautiful:love: . I want the red one AND the blue one:amuse:
  9. 0o00o very cute!!!
  10. I love the red scarf on the speedy!
  11. Thanks babes! I can't wait to use my Speedy tomorrow.:shame:
  12. Wow, it's gorgeous..! How much is it? :P
  13. that's so pretty! what size is your speedy?
  14. :love: Gorgeous!!!
  15. Aww.. cute, I have the blue one and I love it !