For my sister???

  1. Ok, with christmas around the corner I decided I needed to start thinking about what to get my sister for Christmas. She is 14. Any suggestions? Below are some pics of things that she already has
    She also has the regular mono pochette and the cerise
  2. Wow what a lucky sister! How about a cles or a little wallet?
  3. damier azur speedy 25 :biggrin:
  4. Yea, a wallet to match her LV bags would be great. :yes:
  5. Bh?
  6. maybe an MC pochette for a fourteen:smile: :yes: :smile:
  7. Yeah! Great idea!:yes:
  8. for a 14 year old, the MC pochette would look great
  9. Ur sis is one lucky gal! abt something in azur? The pochette or mini pochette?
  10. what about a mono wallet as they would go with all the items she has
  11. For a 14-year-old girl, how about a mono canvas Mini Noe for Christmas? :idea:
  12. I like the mini noe. I seen this the last time I was at LV store. Its so cute!
  13. I would say an azur speedy.
  14. The other day she was looking through vogue and she saw the ad with naomi campbell with the mink bag and she was like "hey, I think this is the bag I want for xmas this year!" and I was just like "well keep dreaming! theres only 7 of those and they are like $8000!" lol. anyway thanks for all the good suggestions! I know what I am personally asking for...a keepall 50 to take w/ me when we go to Europe this summer!
  15. Speedy 25...classic chic!