For My Pf Friends Who Wanted My Updated Photos.....

  1. :heart:
    After over 2 weeks of my office pc breaking down my husband finally let me call in a professional. So here is my current Balenciaga children, minus the French Blue Matelasse which is coming this week. The City's are 2005 Magenta, BBGM Pink, and Turquoise. The Firsts are 05 BBGM Pink, and 06 Lilac. And my 05 Box beauty in Metallic Pink Rose. I will add close up photos of the new gemstones I put on my Turquoise and Magenta bags tomorrow.....
    IMG_6716.jpg IMG_7480.jpg img7465kl1.jpg IMG_7721.jpg
  2. I love how you picked really vibrant and rich colors. You must be ready for summer..very fun colors! Thanks for sharing with us Deana, you've got a lovely little collection!
  3. Wow I love all of your bags!

    I also noticed you live very close to me. I am in San Juan Capistrano. Hi neighbor!
  4. Close ups of the Lilac First, and the Metallic Pink Box.....
    10307062rw5.jpg 10307066fc5.jpg 10307027ja4.jpg 10307032qz8.jpg
  5. gorgeous! i am in love with the lilac.
  6. Close up of the BBGM Pink First....
    10307042wk5.jpg 10307051et7.jpg 10307038jj4.jpg
  7. ;)
    Hi neighbor!!! I have never met anyone here so close!!! We need to start a petition for the MV Mall or South Coast to open a Balenciaga store! Do you know of anyone closer than Barney's in Beverly Hills that has a good Bal selection?
  8. Deana, your babies! :woohoo: And you used a professional to shoot your BBags....girl my :welcome: to you! :biggrin:

    I'm seriously anticipating the arrival of your FB Mat too!!
  9. I totally agree! Balenciaga would be perfect at the MV Mall, South Coast or Fashion Island. Lets get that petition started! :idea:

    I went to Neiman Marcus on Sunday in San Diego and they had a pretty good Balenciaga selection. Pretty clueless SA's though since one thought my Magenta Day was the new Fall color Violet. :confused1: I usually buy mine straight from BalNY. Someone posted they might possibly be opening a BalLA? That would be nice! :wlae:OC would be better though! Maybe not for my bank account. :p
  10. Congrats for ur lovely collection there:dothewave: :dothewave:

    I just love the turquoise and the magenta.....the colors are STUNNING~~
  11. Deana, I'm absolutely floored by that picture!!:heart: So beautiful!
  12. :drool: YUMMY! Deana you take some of the best pictures of your Balenciagas! The time you put into your "babies" with their charms are GORGEOUS.
  13. Gorgeous collection as usual, Deana. I agree, I don't know why OC does not carry Balenciagas! I went to the San Diego Neiman Marcus once. Still, bit of a trip from OC...
  14. WOW Deana :nuts: ... what an AMAZING collection :yahoo: !! I LOVE ALL of your bbags :heart: - especially all pinkies ;) :drool: AND your special-charms are just BREATHTAKING :yes: !!!

    Thank you so much for sharing :flowers: :love:
  15. I"ve always loveed your collection Deana! So colourful and interesting! Thanks for posting up!